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The trip is a mean of unity and understanding among peoples.

One of the greatest sources of pleasure of a trip is knowning to the locals and get closer to their customs and traditions, without this our experience would be incomplete.

We will tell you now a little about what is a Berber or Amazigh so you can fully enjoy your experience in your trip to Morocco:

Who are the imazighen or Berber people?

mujer con niño bereberImazighen (plural of Amazigh) or Berbers are the original inhabitants of North Africa and is one of the oldest towns of humanity (about 10,000 years old). It is the only truly indigenous people of North Africa and the indigenous ethnic groups are very varied, such as the darkskinned Tuareg or the blonde hair and blue eyes of the kabilian people. They all share a common ancestral language and culture. The name "Berber" is derived from barbarus, printed by the Romans to all the rebellious people in Rome, although they prefer the word Amazigh, which means "free human being".

Want to know more? Travel to Morocco with us and discover yourself as they live and the traditions and customs of this ancient culture.




Who we are

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