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Festivals and major events in Morocco

Throughout the whole year there are music and art festivals and important events all around Morocco. Here are some of the most interesting:

Marathon of the Sands:

One of the toughest marathons in the world, his journey begins in Ouarzazate and ending in the desert. At the end of March.


Festival of the Roses, Kelaa M'Gouna:

In the valley of roses, festivals are held each May for 3 days by the end of the harvest of the roses, live music Berber. Early May.

Gnawa Festival in Essaouira:

African tribal music festival and Morocco. In mid-June.


Festival of Gnawa in Khamlia:

Meeting the people of the desert towns where the tribes of Gnawas invite you to eat and perform dances and rituals of protection. Mid-July.

National Festival of Popular Arts in Marrakech:

Recognized since 2005 by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage Site. Takes place in the best areas of the city, including the Menara Gardens, Palm, Palacio El Badi ... Mid-July.


Art and Music Festival of Asilah:

Where you can enjoy the colorful mural with the artists decorate the white houses of the medina. At the end of July.


Festival of the Wedding, Imilchil:

Curious celebration with live music and songs where Berber women and men unite in a showy ritual. Mid-September.


Feast of the date, Erfoud:

People of the region meet in one of the most fascinating places in Morocco, Merzouga dunes, and also enjoy traditional camel racing. Late October.

International Film Festival of Marrakech:

The city became a Moroccan week in Cannes. Between November and December.



The month of purification through fasting. The whole country comes to this tradition for about 30 days a year, as the sun sets across the country stopped for lunch, preferably with family. At the end the fasting month is celebrated the feast of Aït Continue.

Feast of the Lamb:

Approximately 40 days after Ramadan, every family sacrifices a lamb as an offering to God, as Abraham did in his time.


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