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Suggested books to travel to Morocco

BOOKS AND TRAVEL TO MOROCCO: Traveling and discovering new places fill us with new sensations and experiences, but also if you complement your trip with a good book, your experience is intensified, penetrating emotions more deeply a lasting impression.

Nothing makes you feel like an insider like reading a book that stars the location you're traveling in, so Venamarruecos offers you a list of books and authors classified by their relation to different areas of Morocco to help you choose the one that best suits your trip to Morocco. We hope it helps you enjoy more your experience with us and we will try to continue increasing the list. If you have any suggestions, let us know, we appreciate your cooperation.



-"Berber culture on the world stage: From village to video" Jane E Goodman
- "Imazighen: The vanishing traditions of Berber Women" Margaret Courtney Clarke
-"My life story: The autobiography of a Berber Woman" Fadhma Amrouche
-"The berbers: The peoples of Africa" Michael Brett

berber_culture_on_the_world_stage_from_village_to_video_jane_e_goodman_225 my_life_story_the_autobiography_of_a_berber_woman_fadhma_amrouche_225 the_berbers_the_peoples_os_africa_michael_brett_224



-"Casablanca: Colonial myths and Architectural ventures" Jean Louis Cohen
-"Picturing Casablanca: Portraits of Power in a modern city" Susan Ossman
-"The Caliph´s house: a year in Casablanca" Tahir Shah

casablanca_colonial_myths_and_architectural_ventures_jean_louis_cohen_225 picturing_casablanca_portraits_of_power_in_a_modern_city_susan_ossman_224 the_caliphs_house_a_year_in_casablanca_tahir_shah_224



-"The great Sahara: Wanderings south of the Atlas mountains" Henry Baker Tristram
-"The sheltering sky" Paul Bowles
-"Tuareg" Alberto Vazquez Figueroa

the_sheltering_sky_paul_bowles_224 tuareg_alberto_vazquez_figueroa_225



-"The secret garden of Mogador" Alberto Ruy Sanchez




- "Dreams of trespass" Fatima Mernissi
- "Fez: City of Islam" Titus Burckhardt
- "A house in Fez: Building a live in the ancient heart of Morocco" Suzanna Clarke
-"Spider´s house: A novel" Paul Bowles Fez
-"The road to Fez" Ruth Knafo Setton

dreams_of_trespass_fatima_mernissi_224 a_house_in_fez_building_a_lige_in_the_ancient_heart_of_morocco_suzanna_clarke_224 the_road_to_fez_ruth_knafo_setton_225 fez_city_of_islam_titus_burckhardt_225



-"A street in Marrakech" Elizabeth Warnock Fernea
- "A year in Marrakech" Peter Mayne
- "Cinnamon City Falling for the Magical City of Marrakech" Miranda Innes
-"Living in Morocco: Design from Casablnca to Marrakech" Lisl Dennis
-"The mountain´s look on Marrakech: A trek along the Atlas Mountains" Hamish Brown
-"The voices of Marrakech: A record of a visit" Elias Canetti

a_street_in_marrakech_elizabeth_warnock_fernea_224 a_year_in_marrakech_peter_mayne_224 cinnamon_city_falling_for_the_magical_city_of_marrakech_miranda_innes_225 the_voices_of_marrakech_a_record_of_a_visit_elias_canetti_225



-"Culture shock! Morocco" Orin Hargraves
- "Hideous Kinky: A novel" Esther Freud
- "In Arabian nights: A caravan of Moroccan dreams" Tahir Shah
- "In Morocco" Edith Wharton
- "Inspector Ali: A novel" Driss Chraibi
-"Morcco In the labyrinth of dreams and bazaars" Walter M Weiss
-"Morocco that was" Walter Harris
-"Sand Child" Tahar Ben Jelloun
-"Valley of The Casbahs" Jeffrey Tayler
-"Zohras Ladder and other moroccan tales" Pamela Windo
-"Splendours of Morocco" Izza Genini

hideous_kinky_a_novel_esther_freud_225 in_arabian_nights_a_caravan_of_moroccan_dreams_tahir_shah_225 zohras_ladder_and_other_moroccan_tales_pamela_windo_225 living_in_morocco_design_from_casablnca_to_marrakech_lisl_dennis_221



-"Let it come down" Pawl Bowles
-"Points in Time" Paul Bowles

let_it_come_down_pawl_bowles_tangier_224_01 points_in_time_paul_bowles_225


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