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Camel Trekking in the desert of Morocco

If you are an adventurous person, and one night in the desert you know little, you are able to discover and live in the desert for a few days.

We help you to organize any kind of route through the desert for days crosses the Sahara Desert by camel, stopping in nomad camps, enjoying their hospitality and know their way of life. Discover the diverse landscape that offers the desert, from the great sand dunes of the desert black, always in the hands of expert local guides.

Below we indicate some examples of routes to discover the desert, but we are open to any proposal, Come and enjoy!

3 Day Camel Route across the Erg Chebbi desert (Merzouga)

Day 1: Start of the route in Merzouga as arrival time. After a warm welcome and leave with the camels ahead prepared with food, blankets and everything needed for the route.
The route starts at the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi, spectacular point we fully immersed in the adventure that awaits us. We will go to a small oasis in the middle of the dunes where after enjoying the magnificent sunset, spend the night.
Enjoy the spectacular starry desert sky, an unforgettable experience for those who have lived a cloudless night in the Sahara. During our first night we will have a tasty dinner around the fire with a party to the beat of drums.

Day 2: Morning after breakfast, we will go about 2 hours to our next destination, where we stop for lunch in the shade of a tree in the desert called "Tamarist." After lunch we go to the house Touareg who share a family dinner and spend our second night in the first person to know their way of life and customs.

Day 3: After breakfast with the family Tuareg, we go to another small oasis in the desert as well, but before coming to this area we will stop for lunch along the route. The third night is spent with a family of nomadic Berbers who live in this oasis. During this evening we will also have a great dinner and last evening by the fire where we will have the opportunity to learn more about their traditions and customs.
The next morning, after breakfast, return by camel to the hotel in Merzouga where we started the trip. Every day there is a path of 90 minutes to 2 hours by camel or on foot.

Price includes:

  • Camel and guide.
  • Bottled water.
  • Nomad tent equipped with mattresses and blankets for a night.
  • 1 night with a Tuareg family.
  • 1 night with a Berber nomad family.
  • Dinner and breakfast.
  • Party with drums.

15 Days Route from the Erg Chebbi desert (Merzouga) and the Erg Chigaga desert

Dare to live this intense experience with us, making this journey from the great dunes of Erg Chebbi (Merzouga) until Chigaga Erg Desert, a journey combining sections with camels and other 4x4, where you can enjoy a real adventure. Write to us and we will explain the route in detail.

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